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In a volatile world, the time to market of an analysis is as critical as its quality. This tool is aimed to streamline your data process and hence increase, sometimes dramatically, the speed to enter new businesses. With the Timeseries Refinery, the data processes are fast, reusable and sharing data is embedded as a core principle. Moreover, a series of tools is provided to give to the analysts as much autonomy as possible vis-a-vis the IT team. By reducing the frictional lag, all the workers will be able to focus on their high-value core competency.

Get out the grey zone

Get rid of your license cost

The Timeseries Refinery comes with no license cost and may replace some of your costly database. With a state of the art software design, a strong quality control and fine-tuned development tools, we are able to deliver an information system that increases the analysis power and the business prospects while diminishing the maintenance costs. The open-source aspect of this project allows it to benefit from a strong community that offers support and development for a fraction of a proprietary tool’s cost.

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Open the black box

An emerging governance

This tool is mainly designed as a human-machine interface. Traditionally, conflicts may arise between analysts and ITs because of poor definition of responsibilities of the different teams. In the Timeseries Refinery, thanks to a high level of users autonomy, the ITs are mostly needed on the backend with very few role overlapping. Thanks to many years of experience in the field, we can provide strong guidelines in the data-flow and data-governance, in a form known as data-mesh.

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