Ease your work

The Timeseries Refinery save you time and increase the accuracy of your analysis

Transform data sustainably. Enrich your data outside of your own code or spreadsheet: by defining the data transformation server side, you will make it more robust, auditable, shareable and reusable. By enriching your data referential layer by layer, the hard will become easy and the impossible become reachable. Your analysis will become more complex and valuable for your organization. Finally, publish your code server side and automate it easily to remove the tedious parts of your work.

Open the black box

Keep yourself in the data loop

The Timeseries Refinery is all about process traceability. Easily determine the data flow of each computed data point in order to diagnose apparent outliers, extreme events, or even human error. Closely follow all the aggregation and the scripted transformations to be proactive in the identification of a flaw in the data process (and correct it swiftly). Keep a great power on your data stream (and assume the corresponding responsibility). We, at Pythonian, believe that in a time of black box algorithms, a human should be kept in the loop. This tool is dedicated to this task.

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Get out the grey zone

Organize the last miles

Traditionally, the data storage and catalog is handled by the IT team. The analysts are only data consumers to protect the data infrastructure. However, when producing data, there is a lack of proper infrastructure to store, reuse and share it. The data lakes tend to become data swamps and many data enrichments are done multiple times. With the Timeseries Refinery, the data can be simply stored and shared without any IT help. By enriching the data catalog, each analyst and data scientist can easily share the results. Hence, the data can flow through different specialists and be enriched with compound interest.

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