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A solution, not a sandbox

By focusing on the versioned timeseries, this tool comes usable as it is. No additional data schema storage, no additional APi points up to you to define, no user client to write: we offer a complete solution. In the first deployment wave, your main input would be to write the connectors to your own data sources, for which different methods are available in the Timeseries Refinery. In a very short time, the analysts will be able to request and produce time series. Watch them build their own consolidated data referential on their own and publish complex and efficient dashboards with a complete solution.

Open the black box

More user autonomy, less IT support

The Timeseries Refinery was designed to be placed on top of classical data storage. This is a place where the data analysts have way more power and possibility of action than in a legacy data source. They can write and delete their own series, and build their own data treatment with the embedded (fully functional, statically typed) Domain-Specific Language.  They can also manage the process server side through an interface that offers scheduling options and an easy monitoring of the current and past tasks with direct access to the technical logs. At last, they can also extensively use the python client and hence build some automation client side on their own. All in all, they gain a significant level of autonomy, limiting your interventions and saving you a significant amount of time.

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Get out the grey zone

Written by computer nerds, for computer nerds

This software stack was built with two principles: open-source and modularity. The modularity comes in many ways: all automated processes are optional and can be replaced or shunted. All the actions accessible through the interface are also usable through the python client. The refinery can be used as a complete solution,  a framework, or even a library in which you can pick and choose any part that benefits your work. The openness offers you an auditability of the source code, that improves the global security of your system. It also allows you to submit bug-fixes if a problem arises, and reduce the downtime to a minimum. It  removes the hassle of handling version protection, DRM, dongle, and other joys of the proprietary world. For the more reckless of you, you can even fork your code…  Finally, you can keep this tool with you when you leave your organization and use it freely on your own, contribute to the community, suggest and implement new features, etc.

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